Why You Should Run Mobile PPC Campaigns

If you’re not running mobile PPC campaigns, you’re definitely behind your competition. Mobile ad spending will increase to $4.39 billion by 2015 (eMarketer, September 2011). In addition, according to Google/OTC, over 50% of searchers’ purchases were as a result of a smartphone search in the U.S (The Mobile Movement, U.S, 4/2011).

Mobile PPC Spend

Today, many advertisers are running mobile paid search campaigns within Google AdWords. However, the majority of advertisers are running mobile campaigns within the same campaigns as desktop/laptop targeting. This is a big no-no for the following reasons:

1. Bidding is Different: Only 2 ads show on most smartphones (and sometimes up to 3 ads under all the organic listings at the very bottom), so you have to bid higher (in some cases) to make sure your ad is appearing. In desktop/laptops SERPs, as many as 10 or 11 ads will show on the first page (up to 3 at the top plus ads on the right side)!

2. Better Understanding of ROI: Although you may segment by device when targeting desktop/laptop campaigns in the same campaign, doing this still makes it more difficult to know how each is doing individually vs. having completely separate campaigns.

3. Click 2 Call: Targeting just mobile devices allows you to have ads where users can click from the ads without actually having to visit your website. This is very important if you have a better close rate via your call center/customer service representatives or if you lack a mobile site or landing page.

4. Mobile-Specific Landing Pages: If you have a mobile-specific website or landing page, it is definitely necessary you have mobile campaigns separated from desktop computers, as Google cannot automatically detect the difference.

5. Mobile-Specific Ad Copy: By having a separate mobile PPC campaign, you can tailor your ads by audience. You may want to use different calls-to-action, such as “Call Today,” that relate to your users’ intent and capabilities.

Still not convinced to try mobile advertising? Look at the graph below to see mobile purchases after ad exposure by industry. (From ROI Research, Inc. & Microsoft, Multi Country Mobile Advertising Research Study, March 2011):

Mobile PPC By Industry

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