Webbed Marketing Can Help Prepare Your Paid Search Campaigns for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing as shoppers are scouring the Internet for clever gift ideas and last minute purchases. How can you ensure that your products are being seen by consumers?

During the holiday season, many paid search campaigns experience the following:

  • Lower click through rates 
  • Higher costs per click 
  • Burning through budgets 
  • Decreasing ROI on Ad Budget

All of these can be attributed to a huge increase in competition as retailers ramp up their Internet marketing efforts – there is always a large spike in online traffic this time of year and everyone is looking to cash in.

So how can you be sure your campaigns are performing at top speed? Is your competition catching up? Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Competitors bidding on keywords related to YOUR brand 
  • Drastic spikes in keyword cost
  • Budgets drying up before conversions heat up 
  • Shopping sites like Shopzilla and Nextag driving traffic

There’s only one way to prepare your paid search campaign for this holiday season. Contact a Webbed Marketing representative today. We will manage your campaigns to the finest details, increasing conversions and driving the key sales that end the year on a high note for your business.

Contact a representative today at 866-554-3892 or visit www.webbedmarketing.com for more info.

Haven’t started your paid search campaign for the holidays yet? Don’t worry; it’s not too late for us to get you started!

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