Utilizing Paid to Boost Your Social B2B Marketing Strategy

Social media for B2B can be an effective tool for your lead nurturing strategy by engaging with your target audience and sharing relevant content.  Incorporating paid advertising into your strategy is a great way to further promote and share your content.

Let’s take a moment to look at the opportunities to leverage paid to help boost your social marketing.

Increase content engagement

Promoted posts and tweets are a great way to increase visibility of your content and engagement.  Once your content is posted, it can quickly drop within feeds of your followers.  Promoting these posts is a low-cost way to “promote” your post to the top of their feeds increasing views and engagement.

Grow followers, promote special initiatives, and more with paid advertising

Utilize paid advertising to drive more traffic to your social pages and increase brand awareness or promote new products/services.  Remember that most individuals are on a social site for networking (ex: LinkedIn), staying connected (ex: Facebook) or being informed (ex: Twitter), so ad content should connect to your target audience goals.

Remarket to previously engaged users

Remarketing allows you to advertise to custom audience groups based on individuals past interactions with you.  For example, you can utilize third party tools to remarket ads on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter to persons who visited your website or downloaded a spec sheet but did not request a product quote. These are targeted ads with information about the product the visitor has shown previous interest in.

Making paid an integral part of your overall social strategy is an effective way to boost engagement and generate brand/product awareness.  As with any strategy, these B2B pay per click strategies should be continually tested to learn more about what drives your audience per social platform and how to maximize the best, relevant content for them.

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