Top 10 PPC Tips and Tricks to Help Increase Chances of Success

A colleague of mine is going to present some PPC pointers next week. She asked me what 5 tips I would provide to people with little-to-no online marketing experience.

After discussing this with Noah Brooks, an online advertising specialist at Fathom, I found what I think is a great subject for a blog post. We took the idea from top 5 and changed it to top 10. Some of the tips might be more advanced than our original list, but all are very important and should be considered in PPC management.

1. Be cautious with broad match keywords.

Broad match keywords can easily lead to wasted spend, especially if negative keywords are not added before the campaign launches and throughout the life of the campaign.

2. Run search query reports regularly.

Search query reports or keyword detail reports are essential in finding new keywords to add to your account (especially negative keywords).

3. Use negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant searches and wasted spend.

Negative keywords are one of the most important aspects of paid search (hence why I’ve touched on it 3 out of 3 tips).

4. Send users to the most relevant landing page for the keyword or ad group and test different elements of landing pages to maximize conversion rate.

Sometimes it does not matter how relevant your keywords and ads are … if you’re sending all your visitors to your homepage or a page that lacks proper conversion elements, you’re not giving yourself or your company much of a shot to succeed with PPC advertising.

5. Make sure ads have a call-to-action, a value proposition, and are relevant to keywords searched.

When at all possible, the ad copy should relate to the keyword search, state a differentiator, and tell the user what you want them to do once they get to your landing page.

6. Install conversion tracking to know what keywords are worth your money and which aren’t.

This is a no-brainer, and all campaigns should have conversion tracking or imported goal tracking from Google Analytics. Why pay money if you do not know what’s generating leads or sales?

7. Separate search and display campaigns.

Keeping search and display separate will allow you to easily see performance of each, but more importantly allocate budget to which performs best. If you have search and display in the same campaign, display might account for 80% of the spend and 20% of the conversions.

8. Consider your daily budget when choosing max cost-per-click (CPC) and keyword match types.

If your daily budget is very low, you’re going to want to bid lower for keywords and also focus on ‘phrase’ and ‘exact match’ keywords to try and limit wasted spend as much as possible. If you have a larger budget, then ‘broad match’ and ‘broad match modifier’ should be considered.

9. Maximize your budget on top-converting campaigns and keywords (e.g. branded, long-tail) and avoid general keywords.

When running PPC (especially with a limited budget), it’s important to maximize your budget on what generates the most conversions for your company or client. If display does not generate any conversions and spends $20/day, try adding this budget to a campaign that might be losing impression share due to budget or show “limited by budget” and converts consistently.

10. Make sure settings (campaign, ad group, etc.) are aligned with the goals of your company or client for long-term success and growth.

With Google Enhanced campaigns recently released, it’s more important than ever to make sure your campaigns and ad groups are set up with your company’s or client’s best interest in mind. Take advantage of the ad-group-level sitelinks. If mobile is important, bid higher.

Keep in mind these are just a few PPC tips and tricks…stay tuned to the PPC section of the Fathom blog for more insights.


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  • Val says:

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  • SEO LHR says:

    Joes this is one of the best article I have ever read about PPC campaigns but to be honest we are not a big fan of enhanced campaign and think one should stay away from it!!

  • Bradley Lisotte says:

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  • well i would like to say that it is very informative article this will really enhance my skills on ppc and i would like to ask apart form this are there are any other tips from which i can enhance my skills

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