The Multiple ‘Dimensions’ of PPC

Many online advertising channels offer great information and insights to account performance. These insights allow advertisers to make intelligent adjustments to their accounts for optimal performance. One insight Google Adwords offers that sets it apart from other marketing channels is something it calls ‘dimensions.’

The ‘dimensions’ tab in Adwords allows users to break down their traffic data in multiple ways, including hour of day or day of week when clicks and conversions occurred, geographical location of visitors, search queries that trigged their ads to appear, and much, much more. Access to details like these are a great way to help improve campaign conversion rates and overall account performance.

For example, I recently ran day of week and hour of day reports for one of my clients and found that there were times when conversion costs were too high for optimal success and days of the week that performed much better than others. This knowledge allowed me to propose a day-parting plan to maximize spend at peak times and reduce spend at unprofitable times.

Much like using hour of day and day of week reports to optimize spending for peak times, advertisers can use the ‘geographical location’ reports to reduce spend in unprofitable regions or maximize spend in profitable areas. Search queries can be used to identify keywords to exclude along with new keywords to add to accounts. All of these will help improve account performance, in turn improving return on investment. And who isn’t looking to do that?

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