Staying Ahead of Google AdWords Ad Copy Best Practices

As Google pay-per-click space becomes more and more competitive and concentrated, Google has provided many ways for advertisers to have their ads stand out, especially if their competitors are dropping the ball. Are you utilizing these features?

The majority of these ad copy enhancement features are found under the “extensions” section of Google AdWords. These extensions include Local Extensions, Sitelink Extensions, Product Extensions, and Phone Extensions. Although these features have been around for quite some time, many advertisers are neglecting to take advantage of them.

Local Extensions: Especially important for advertisers that believe one main reason a prospect chooses their business is their location.

(Example of Ad with Local Extensions)

(An Ad with Expanded Local Extensions)

SiteLinks Extensions: Potentially my favorite “extension,” as it helps you get the user closer to a conversion in fewer steps. Essentially, you are able to bid on broad terms and give them select options before clicking through.

(An Ad with Sitelinks Extensions)

Product Extensions: If you sell actual products, you can link your AdWords account to your Google Products Feed and show the products in your ads.

(An Ad with Product Extensions Enabled)

(An Ad with Expanded Product Extensions)

Phone Extensions: Phone extensions is a cool feature with AdWords where you can either use your own phone number or use one of Google’s Google Voice Free numbers. Phone Extensions (when used with Google Voice) is called Call Metrics and allows you to track phone calls generated, duration, etc., at the Campaign level only.

(An Ad with Phone Extensions Enabled)

The Newest Change to Google Ad Copy – Longer Headlines / Hyperlink in Ad

The most recent way to have your ads stand out compared to your competitors is the combination of your headline with description line 1. This makes your listing look similar to an organic result with a longer hyperlink:

(An Ad with Extended Headlines)

In order to combine your Headline with Description Line 1, the following must occur:

  1. Ad position must be 1-3
  2. Ads need to be on the top of the organic listings (cannot be on right side)
  3. Description Line 1 must end with punctuation (Google claims any punctuation, although I’ve only seen this displayed when a period is used, not a question mark or exclamation point).

What’s this mean to advertisers?

All advertisers should at least try the tactics above to help your ads stand out against your competitors. If your ads have a better click-through rate, your ads could then have a higher quality score which could mean you are paying less per click that your competitors for similar placement … if not better placement in the SERPS!

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