Sitelinks and Mobile Marketing

By now we’ve all heard of Google sitelinks. Some of us are even aware of enhanced sitelinks, if we were lucky enough to get on the white list for this beta. But, are you aware of the benefit of using sitelinks in your mobile marketing strategy? Let me enlighten you!

First, let me clarify what I mean by ‘mobile marketing.’ In this case, I am referring to campaigns within Google Adwords set to target only mobile devices.  Also let me note that the client does not have a mobile site or landing page. The desktop landing page renders well enough on mobile devices to direct traffic there until a mobile page can be created.

When I first started running these mobile-targeted campaigns, I had not included sitelinks. To be honest, the idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. However, when I did a search from my cell phone for something unrelated to my client’s business, I noticed an ad with two sitelinks underneath and then organic listings. It was the only sponsored ad at the top of the screen. Because mobile ads typically display 2 ads at the top of the screen and 2 ads at the bottom, the addition of the sitelinks takes up the real estate of the 2nd ad.

I then did search for one of my client’s keywords and noticed our ad and then a competitor’s ad in the top of the screen. I immediately added sitelinks to the mobile campaigns in hopes of taking up all of the top real estate. Within a week, impressions, clicks, and even conversions had increased on these campaigns. When I searched the same keyword as before, I noticed my client’s ad with two sitelinks underneath at the top of the screen, followed immediately by my client’s organic listing. By the end of the month, conversions had doubled since the day of sitelinks launch and cost-per-conversion was still within our goal.

Including sitelinks in mobile-targeted campaigns is an easy addition that can yield great results. You not only better your chances of top exposure, you help eliminate competitor “interference” and increase your chances for conversions. In this case, conversions doubled. Why not take advantage of these ad extensions and see the difference they can make for you?

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