Self-Serve Remarketing with Google

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, also called “Retargeting,” as well as “Remessaging,” is an automated display media that allows advertisers to publish image or text ads on partner sites around the web to users who belong to selected audience lists. These lists are made up users of who have picked up a targetable cookie during the course of web browsing. When a user acquires a remarketing cookie ad servers are able to recognize them as special in the ad auction and display the appropriate ad. The length of time these kinds of cookies stay active (duration), and correspondingly the length of time a user sees your remarketing display ads, are all controllable by the advertiser. Impression frequency caps are also often employed to tailor the media run to fit an advertiser’s needs.

A slightly “creepy” media?

Remarketing is often described as advertising that “follows” users around the web. While it is hard to argue that it does seem slightly “stalker-ish,” it is important to point out that these ads are actually great relationship building tools (following people around in real life, however, is not). This technology allows advertisers to display ads targeted for very specific user groups – oftentimes offering them special discounts and messaging made specifically useful for them!

How Google makes this easy!

Remarketing is not a new concept. Cookie-based targeting has grown steadily over the past 6 or 7 years and more recently has become an incredibly versatile tool, especially for marketers with access to the major ad exchanges, which act like “giant cookie databases,” allowing advertisers to slice and dice who they want to “follow” around the web! Fortunately for the rest of us, Google has taken a different approach, and has made remarketing an incredibly simple tool to use by building it into adwords as a “self-serve” component.

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