Proof Why You Should Keep Those PPC Ads Running!

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I have 2 questions/answers for you on paid search:

1. Have you ever wondered whether PPC ads cannibalize organic traffic? In other words, if you paused your PPC ads, would organic traffic see a spike and make up for the lost paid traffic?

The answer: A definite NO!

2. Have you been hesitant to run paid search because you thought the traffic would be redundant in light of your already-successful organic search results? In effect, that you would be paying for something you currently get for free?

The answer: YOU ARE NOT!

Now let me explain.

Google itself was also wondering about these issues and conducted a study that detected click volume in the absence of paid search ads.

The results showed that 89% of paid search traffic is NOT replaced by organic clicks when the ads are paused. This statistic was consistently high across verticals.

What does this mean for businesses who want to maximize online marketing results?

  • Great organic search results do not necessarily mean you’ve tapped out your search market.
  • Paid search brings unique value, i.e. leads and sales you wouldn’t otherwise be getting.
  • On the fence about budgeting for PPC? Tapping into it could mean a lot to your bottom line.

Why wouldn’t you want to spend a little more to make a LOT more?


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