New Way to Promote Your Google Plus Page & Attract More Customers

Google has been hard at work trying to find a better use for its Adwords Express Ads application.  The interface has seen many changes in the last year, since it was removed from the Google Places dashboard.  For a while, users questioned the future of Google Adwords Express – though it was partially migrated into Adwords in April 2012, there was no real marketing interface to get the word out about its purpose.  That is, until we recently discovered a small ad (see below) encouraging us to use Google Adwords Express to promote our Google + page.

It seems the word may be rolling out slowly, as only one of our Google accounts was being served these ads.  However, we took the bait and dug deeper to see how exactly Adwords Express could help us promote our Google Plus page, and (more importantly) attract new customers.

From the looks of it, the decision to promote your Google + page in Adwords Express seems like a no-brainer.  Google will help you determine the right sites to promote your business (without worrying about keywords, bidding or placements),  you only pay for success, plus you gain visibility on some of Google’s most popular platforms (Google Search, Maps, Mobile and more).












Just as you can promote your website in Adwords Express, Google now allows you to add your Google Plus page as your destination URL.  If you’re familiar with Google Adwords (the regular kind), you know that Google is usually very strict about making sure your destination URL is the same as your website URL. This slight change in Adwords Express may be useful to advertisers, as it offers them the ability to promote their site and their Google + page at the same time.

So, what’s the big takeaway?  Google Plus just became a little more relevant.  Most search engine optimization experts will agree that promoting Google profiles (whether its Google Places profiles, YouTube accounts, etc.) is a good move for improving rankings and overall visibility online.  By paying to send more visitors to your Google + profile, chances are it will start ranking better for your strategic branded or non-branded keywords.   Rankings = Traffic = Conversions = Customers.

If anyone’s seen success obtaining new customers by promoting their Google + page via Adwords, we’d love to hear from you!  Simply comment below and let us know about your experience.

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