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Last spring, Google AdWords announced some policy changes that would affect all AdWords advertisers. This particular policy change dealt with privacy policies. Google stated to better protect people’s personal and financial information, a clear, accessible disclosure must be presented to visitors before they submitted any personal information.  So our account teams did our due diligence and went through our clients’ landing pages to review them and see if they were going to be compliant to Google’s new policy change.

Fast-forward to early December….

I log in to one of my accounts and notice that this particular client had no clicks or impressions for that day. After digging through this account, I noticed that all of the ads were listed as “site suspended due to privacy policy.”  I quickly checked the landing pages we were employing and found that we indeed were in violation as 1 of our roughly 25 landing pages was missing a link to a privacy policy (we had been running some landing page tests and used an older page that was missing the privacy policy).

We acted quickly and updated the page. I then reached out to our account reps at Google to expedite the review process to get our account back online. After a day, I received word that we were still in violation. However, even though each page had a privacy-policy link, Google deemed the client’s privacy policy not sufficient enough to pass.

So, without further ado, here is what you need to include in your privacy policy to be Google-compliant.

The Privacy Policy on the website should include the following required information:

  • What personal information is collected from the user
  • How this information will used by the company
  • How the company transfers data to third-party companies
  • How to modify/delete this information or opt-out
  • A contact address for the business in case of questions

Placement of Privacy Policy

That Privacy Policy should be easily accessible for the user on all landing pages before he provides any personal information.

My favorite part of this entire exercise: While in the process of getting my client’s privacy policy revised with their legal team, Google re-enabled our ads without any updates being made to our previously frowned-upon privacy statement.

We here at Fathom value your privacy! To learn more about how you can benefit from any of the services offered by Fathom, contact us today. We promise to not sell your information to any Viagra suppliers.












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