Prepping for Google Enhanced Campaigns: Don’t Just Turn the Switch

Google Enhanced Campaigns appear to be here to stay (even if you signed this petition), which means you better understand what it means for your campaigns, and you better have a sound strategy to minimize impact and hopefully take advantage of the new bid adjustment features!

Enough people have blogged about Google Enhanced Campaigns and the upgrade’s advantages and disadvantages, along with their general opinions. The point of this post is to help you prepare to migrate your campaigns to enhanced campaigns as June 1st is quickly approaching!

Step 1: Analyze each ‘legacy’ campaign in your account by focusing on the ‘dimensions’ section of the reporting. Focus on the following reports:

  • Day-of-week report – When looking at this report, look for trending. Are there certain days that perform worse, requiring you to bid down (e.g. the weekends) or certain days of the week that perform much better, requiring you to bid up?

  • Hour-of-day report – As you’re analyzing this report, look for times of the day that perform significantly better or worse and take note of these as well for bid adjustments once you covert to enhanced campaigns.


  • Geographic report – Similar to the day-of-week and hour-of-day reports, look for outliers that either perform well above or below average to help identify if certain locations should receive a higher or lower bid for enhanced campaigns.

Step 2: Segment by device at the campaign level to determine performance of mobile or look at your mobile-phone-only campaigns and compare to computer-only campaigns. Determine if you should be higher or lower for mobile campaigns in the new environment.

Step 3: Copy your legacy campaigns in AdWords Editor and rename them as ‘enhanced’ (keep paused until the official enhanced campaigns are ready to go).

Step 4: Apply the bid adjustments based on day of week/hour of day, location, and mobile device on a campaign-by-campaign basis (use the data from the dimensions reporting run on the ‘legacy’ campaigns). In order to add specific bids for locations, you’ll need to add those specific locations first. Then you’ll be able to bid differently for each specific location.

Step 5: Identify any ad groups that you think would benefit from ad-group-level sitelinks rather than just the campaign-level sitelinks.

Step 6: Add Google call extensions to each campaign now that this feature is FREE with enhanced campaigns.

Step 7: Pause off your ‘legacy’ campaigns and launch your new enhanced campaigns!

Hopefully these steps get you on the right track and mitigate risk of any significant drops in performance.  If you have other ideas about how to prepare for the migration to Google enhanced campaigns, we’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.


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