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As the PPC display network is growing, so too is its spend. As PPC marketers we need to be sure that this spend is being directed in the right places.

So let’s picture this: You’re on a really tight Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) goal, and you notice a productive domain bringing in many conversions, but the CPL is just too high. Drat! You don’t want to exclude the entire domain, because you need to keep those leads coming in, but at a much lower cost.

How do you do this? As PPC Hero put it:

  • You can delve into the domain on a URL level in order to exclude the specific URL’s that are driving up your cost but are not performing. You might also want to extend your date range to find URL’s you have been consistently unproductive on.
  • An additional option would be to see if there is a theme or a pattern on the types of URL’s that are not converting well for you. Then, add negative keywords around that content to start excluding those types of sites.

As a reverse point, you not only can exclude URL’s but you can also add them to your account. If you notice certain URL’s that are super over achievers, don’t hesitate to add them as a managed placement. This way you can be sure your ad appears on the site.

So to sum up:

You exclude on the URL when the following criteria is met:

  • You want to get a campaign or ad group’s Cost-Per-Lead down.
  • The domain in question is bringing in many conversions but with a high cost-per-lead.

You don’t want to lose all the leads; you just want to reduce the cost of the leads. Believe me, it’s worth the hassle.

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