PPC Budget Forecasting on the Fly

It’s Friday afternoon and an e-mail comes through to your inbox from your client:

 “Do you think we can spend an extra $10,000 this month? We have extra budget and would love to see what the numbers would look like if we spent it in PPC . Can you provide me an update by EOD?”

Emails like this can be a blessing and a curse. Of course, you would love to generate extra revenue and opportunities but can you really provide accurate data in enough time so that you can get the rest of your work done on top of these estimates before 5 pm on a Friday? The answer is yes!

You don’t need to get caught up in crunching numbers and pulling multiple data sets. In fact, all you really need is AdWords.

Once in AdWords, you’ll want to make sure to add both ‘impression share’ and ‘lost impression share (budget)’ columns. From there you’ll just need 5-10 minutes and a few quick calculations and then you’ll have more than enough accurate data to send your client so that you both can start your weekend early.

To get started, follow these easy steps:

  1. Set your date range to the last 30 days and export to Excel
  2. Create columns for potentials (you’ll need ‘potentials’ columns for impressions, clicks, conversions, costs, and CPA)
  3. Calculate potential impressions first by using this formula (Impressions/impression share)*lost impression share (budget)

From here, use the following formulas for the rest of the potentials:

  • Potential clicks: potential impressions*CTR
  • Potential conversions: potential clicks*Conv. Rate
  • Potential cost: potential clicks*Avg CPC
  • Potential CPA: potential cost/potential conversions

(Source: Search Engine Watch)

Now you have real data that you can feel confident about. Of course, adding additional keywords or moving targeting and settings around will help to generate additional opportunities. For now, you can use this as a guide to show clients how they can generate additional opportunities quickly with the campaigns they already have. Showing their missed opportunity could help you drive additional revenue and ultimately trust from clients in just a few minutes!

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