PPC Ads Now At Bottom of Search Results

Google announced Wednesday that it is switching things up once again with its new ad placements on search-result pages.

What are they up to this time?
Google will now display paid search listings not just along the top and side, but at the bottom of the page beneath organic listings as well.  After several months of testing, Google has determined that in some circumstances, ads in this position perform better most likely because they flow seamlessly as users scan results from top to bottom.

How will this affect me?
Good question.  It appears that the addition of this feature can only bring with it positive results for advertisers.  Google has done extensive testing regarding which ads have a better chance in various positions.  It’s already a given that ads on the top of the page perform well.  If ads on the bottom outperform side ads, this could open the door for higher overall click-through rates. After all, we have to remember that Google wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their chances of more clicks. So while your ad may be lower on the page, Google has deemed that it might have a better shot to succeed.

How can I see what kind of results I’m getting?
Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a definitive way to track results.  The “Top vs. Side” segment tool (which will soon be renamed to “Top vs. Other”) will lump the ads appearing on the side of the search-results page with the ads on the bottom.  However, if all goes well, you will hopefully see an increase in click-through rate.

It’s hard to tell whether or not there will be a sizable dent in your AdWords campaigns, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for any changes this shuffle might bring as Google spices things up once again!

The original version of this post has been edited. It has been brought to my attention that there was some confusion regarding ad placement. Through some additional research, I have received clarification that Google’s placement of ads along the side and bottom will be mutually exclusive meaning that you will be served ads along the side of the page OR at the bottom of organic listings.

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