Paid Search Checklist for Launching New Campaigns

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As I’m sure many PPC’ers are aware, it is incredibly easy to make one little mistake that can turn an account horribly wrong. This is why it is extremely important to have a checklist of items to peruse before posting any new campaigns in AdWords.

Here is my checklist:

For search and/or display campaigns:

1.       Review budget, geo-targeting and all campaign settings.

2.       Review all display URLs per ad group to ensure consistency.

3.       Review ad copy – Make sure there are no violations such as multiple exclamation points.

4.       If you have copied a new campaign from an existing campaign, remember to edit your bids.

5.       Make sure all ad and keyword destination URLs have the proper appends.

  • Sort ads and keywords by destination URL to ensure each one is going to the proper landing page.

6.       Make sure each landing page has a form which is clearly visible.

7.       Review all negative keywords to make sure they make sense and prevent overlap with any regular keywords.

8.       In the interface, remember to make edits to any ad extensions you want running for your campaign.

9.       After posting ad copy changes, check back shortly to confirm everything went through without any issues.

  • Sort by ad status in Editor, and scroll down the list of your ads making sure nothing is disapproved.

Note: If there is an ad copy violation, you will not always get a notification from Editor letting you know.

For display campaigns specifically:

1.       Do not include any negative keywords unless otherwise noted.

a.       However, do exclude any topics and/or placements that you wish not to appear on.

2.       When editing bids, make sure you edit the display max CPC bid and not the max CPC at the keyword level.

3.       Make sure that all keywords are in broad match.

4.       Do not have any active keywords in a “managed placements only” campaign.

If you have made it through this list, then you are well prepared to avoid any careless mistakes. To quote author Jeffrey Mayer: “If you haven’t got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?”

To learn more about paid search best practices or determine a winning paid-search strategy, request a free evaluation today.

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