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What makes a good PPC landing page great?  It is one where visitors complete your goal, whether its making a purchase, sign up for a webinar, request more information, or something else.  The only way to continually optimize your landing page is to test new versions of it.  We’ll give you some tips to start creating a better landing page.

  • Clean pages are better than cluttered pages. Don’t have too much copy on the page, but don’t tell new visitors too little either.  About 100-300 words in short paragraphs, bullet points, or lists is best.
  • Focus on conversions. The best place for a call to action is on the right side of the page.  Make the conversion button bigger and brighter than you think you need and place it above the browser fold.  Keep things simple by only providing 1-2 options and remove all other links.  Only include fields in your contact form that are absolutely necessary.
  • Include action verbs in the headline and submission button. Make sure your visitors know what to do.  Keep your message consistent throughout the text and use the same verb on the submission button instead of the word “submit.”

Once you have these basics down, test a few versions of the landing page.  Try changing the color of the submit button, the action verb, copy, or images to see how visitors react.  The Google Website Optimizer is a fantastic free tool that allows you to test these elements.  Google provides great tutorials and tips to help you get started.

Run an experiment on two landing pages to see which converts best, but don’t stop there.  Take the better performing one and test it against a new version.  Continue to run these experiments and your landing pages will get better and better over time!

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