No Mobile Site? No Problem!

By now, I am sure everyone has heard about the importance of being optimized for mobile. (Heck, we even have an entire category on our blog dedicated to mobile marketing.) More specifically, mobile PPC is starting to really become a must to try, especially if you do any business locally. If you have had contact with anyone from Google in the past year, they practically begin and end every conversation talking about mobile. Well here is a dirty little secret that you may not know about …

You DO NOT need a mobile site to get leads from a mobile PPC campaign.

Yes, you read that correctly, and I am not crazy. How, Matt, you ask, is this possible?

By setting up a “Call Only” campaign—and it’s really quite simple.  All you need to have is a working phone number and the ability to handle calls to your business.

Duplicate any campaign you desire and change the settings to target Mobile Devices. Then, enter the Ad Extensions tab and select Call Extensions.  Enter in the phone number you would like to appear with your ads (bonus points if this is a line that can be tracked to see the volume this effort is generating). Select the option to “Show my phone number only on mobile phones”. Then select “Show only the link to my phone number”. Save and that is it!

When somebody conducts a search on a mobile device and triggers your ad, it appears with a phone number. When somebody clicks your ad, instead of going to your website, the phone number is automatically loaded into their phone and places a call. It’s like magic! Just remember to answer your phone when it starts ringing.

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