New Google AdWords Requirements for Personal Info Collection and Opt-outs

Do you spend money on Google AdWords? If your dollars are among its $28 billion in annual revenue, then listen up.

Google is going to be changing its policies on its advertisers’ collection of personal information. According to a May 4th post on its official Inside AdWords blog, the 3 new requirements that will take effect on May 17th (1 week from today) are as follows:

  1. “Clear, accessible disclosure before visitors submit personal information”
  2. “Option to discontinue direct communications”
  3. “SSL when collecting payment and certain financial and personal information”

Read Google’s post for a full explanation and additional explanatory links.

Broader online privacy concerns
As consumer privacy is getting a lot of attention in the news these days, I suspect this is Google’s way of trying to stay ahead of the curve. Just in the last couple weeks, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems were smacked on the wrist in national media for their perceived lack of consumer privacy protection. Apple even issued a software update (iOS 4.3.3) to the latest versions of its iPhones/iPads/iPod touches to reduce and delete location-tracking database caches and back-ups. Senator Al Franken’s Protecting Mobile Privacy hearing is scheduled for today, as a matter of fact.

Get legit
Make sure your company is in compliance with the new AdWords requirements by May 17th, whether you manage your Google PPC campaigns in-house or outsource them to online marketing firms like us.

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