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Just when you thought MSN couldn’t get any worse, they go and totally redeem themselves! I came into work to find an updated more user friendly interface; a Halloween treat straight from MSN. Taking a page from Google’s book they are finally listening to their users and have added many features we’ve all been begging for. Here are some of the new highlights:

Grid Editing – This might possibly save my sanity. With the old version you had to click on each campaign, then go to its’ settings, fix them, hit save, and repeat for every campaign budget you wanted to change. MSN now allows you to edit and save things like budget, budget type, and status on the main Campaigns page.

Filters – Much like Google, you can now set up filters based on campaign names, ad groups, spend, conversions….and more. You can only save up to 5 filters as of now, but hey, I’ll take it what I can get!

CPA Displayed – It drove me crazy that I had to either run a report or do manual calculation to see what the CPA was for a campaign. The new version now has a column to display this information to easily see how you are performing. I’m a tad disappointed  they still don’t have Conversion Rate though; baby steps, right?

Total Spend Breakdown – I don’t utilize a lot of the content network in MSN, but now they have an overview at the bottom of your screen that separates Search, Content, and Deleted items to show their respective spend. It’ll definitely be nice to compare Search vs Content performance to the total numbers.

Are all of these huge advantages to managing a campaign? No, not really. However, I know I will save some time and aggravation every day with these new changes. Really, anything that does that is great in my book. I will wait anxiously for future updates, I’m hoping one day it will include viewing/filtering all ad groups and keywords in a campaign right on the interface. Until then, I will happily enjoy my new features!

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