Affiliate Marketing – The Era of Making Money Online Has Evolved to Mobile & Tablets

Tablet traffic increased 229% over the 2011 holiday season. Mobile devices are projected to outnumber humans in 2012. By 2016, Cisco predicts that there will be 10 billion mobile-connected devices around the world. As an affiliate, this should mean one thing to you: make sure all of your websites are mobile-friendly. If they aren’t, you are missing out on traffic and potential sales.

Here are 3 reasons why mobile affiliate marketing is rapidly growing:

  • Creativity with conversion paths – Mobile devices create the ability to connect with users instantly via phone/text message. For example, instead of using a lead form for car insurance offers why not run a pay-per-call offer where a user can just click the number and contact an agent instantly?
  • Opportunities – Unlike search (dominated by Google) or social (dominated by Facebook), mobile is still very fragmented with dozens of self-serve ad networks. In addition, there are a ton of different ad types out there, including display, interstitials, and more!
  • Supply outgrowing demand – While traffic sources like search and social have stagnated, mobile is being fueled by faster mobile data transfers. Fortunately for affiliates, this means traffic will remain cheap while big brands struggle to decide if mobile is right for them.

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