Listen up, Google: Here Are My Demands on Google Enhanced Campaigns

As most of you know by now, Google threw a huge curveball at the PPC community a few weeks ago by announcing Google Enhanced Campaigns; and I’m not happy about it. Even though I braced for impact knowing that Google was going to be making big changes, I didn’t expect to be forced to change my entire strategy around clients’ campaigns. Before I had time to ask questions and read the extensive guide to switch campaigns over, my inbox was filled with chaotic emails from clients and co-workers wondering how this would affect their account. While I’ve attended the webinars from Google (to which they’ve never addressed any of my questions in the Q/A) and spoken with every one of my Google representatives, I still don’t feel like they are listening. So, in true declaration protest, here is a list of my demands on the subject of Google Enhanced Campaigns:
1. Separated Budget Allocation – Give us back our ability to budget the way we know is most effective for our client. It is completely absurd to think that if I have a campaign set to $100/day that I have zero control if traffic is going to desktop, tablet or mobile. I’m sure Google is focusing on their own profits, but here at Fathom we focus on our clients’ ROI. If I know that a certain device performs best then I want the budget to go to that device first before anywhere else.
2. No Automatic Opt-Ins – This coincides with my first demand, but when you create a new campaign you are automatically opted into desktops/tablets and mobile with little way of stopping it. If you put -100% bid multiplier on mobile, you won’t appear on mobile. However, there is no reverse to this. Putting a low bid such as $0.01 on desktop would pretty much mean you won’t show, but then putting a +300% big multiplier keeps you from appearing on mobile. They are trying to force advertisers to spend their dollars on all devices without taking into account their best interests.
3. Granular Bid Control – Really, Google? Taking my ability to bid on a keyword – whatever keyword I want … on whatever device I want – is just low. Don’t give me any of this ‘bid multiplier’ nonsense. You took it away, now give it back!
4. Tablet Division – Since when are tablets the same thing as desktops? Last time I checked they were quite different, and should be treated as such. What if I have a landing page that has a downloadable whitepaper or brochure that’s not supported on tablet software? I’m also not interested in what you “think” is happening; I’m interested in the results I’m actually seeing, and tablets are not desktops.
5. “Undo” Button – Once you go Enhanced you can never go back….. WHAT? Did I really just read that? I have a few more months to test, and if it goes horribly wrong I have no way of putting it back to normal. One representative mentioned copying a campaign and then changing it to Enhanced to test the waters and make sure everything goes smoothly, leaving me with double the data in the account since Google never really deletes anything, it just sits there mocking me.
The list could go on, and I’m still left with unanswered questions and a seemingly never-ending headache. I’ll give Google props for some new features such as individual Sitelink reporting, although I’ve been asking when they would do this five minutes after I first heard about Sitelinks. Ad Group level (basically) everything is big plus: fewer campaigns and a lot more control. However, I think these features and others could be implemented without forcing us into Google Enhanced Campaigns. I do not fear the June deadline; I’ve done my research, know best practices for migration, and will do testing to make sure my accounts don’t suffer. I’m just deeply disappointed by it. I still have hope that Google’s money-hungry team comes to their senses and gives us back control. After all, we the people of the SEM community are the ones supporting their business.


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  • CFinley says:

    Granular Bidding – by selecting the keyword in the keyword list and clicking “edit” you can still change individual keyword bids.

    The device issue is a problem, but tablet performance and desktop performance are increasingly becoming more similar in regards to usage. Keep in mind Google has much more data regarding just how similar they perform and that has most likely factored into the enhanced campaign enforced tablet and desktop option.

    Also, while it’s great to test out new features Google offers by opting in to the enhanced campaign, first releases always have their quirks and tend to evolve before the full roll-out, so you may see some of your wishes come true as Google tests the waters. Opting into the enhanced campaigns puts you in the beta group – Google needs guinea pigs and we all jump at it, because new features can be great….or a big hassle. We take that chance opting in before we have to.

    At least with this “upgrade” to enhanced campaigns some of their help section has been updated.


    • Brittany Amato says:

      Thanks for your comment! In regards to Granular Bidding, while it is possible to change the bid of desktop/tablet keyword to whatever you want, the bid multiplier for mobile remains a constant. So, if I want my desktop/tablet bid for a keyword to be $2.00 I can not simply input a mobile bid for that same keyword to whatever I want it to be. I have to use the mobile bid multiplier which is at the campaign level. If I see a mobile keyword is not performing well I do not even have the option of placing -100% for only that keyword to stop showing.

      Yes, I’m sure Google has mountains of data on desktop and tablet usage and would certainly hope they are making this decision in our best interest. However, when tracking ROI for clients, in some cases tablets have a lower ROI than desktops. It should be in my discretion to determine whether or not I believe tablets are treated as desktops.

      I’m all for being a guinea pig and love to be in alpha and beta groups to stay ahead of the curve; but clearly I have a lot of concerns about this seemingly permanent switch that it is not in the best interest of the advertiser. I certainly will still keep hoping that some of my wishes comes true before June!

      Thanks again!

  • Good stuff. I’m still fuming about the “Enhanced” update / forced increase in mobile revenue for Google.

    The link below is to the Official complaint form for enhanced campaigns from Google. I encourage everyone to submit their thoughts. *not spam, I promise.

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