Is Online Display Advertising a Waste of Money?

Think online display advertising doesn’t work?  Afraid of the low CTR compared to other forms on online advertising?  Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

A recent study from Specific Media indicates online display advertising has a significant impact on natural search.  As referenced in the study, “Consumers exposed to display advertising were more likely to search for brand terms (i.e. automotive manufacturer), and segment terms (i.e. vehicle class), than unexposed consumers.”  Advertisers in eight categories saw an average lift of 155% in search activity after running online display advertising campaigns.

This study helps to emphasize the importance of a multi-faceted approach to internet marketing.  Many online marketing initiatives help support one another; for instance, video marketing and online display advertising can support organic search, while email marketing aids organic search, pay-per-click and online display programs.

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