Count Down to Higher Click-Thru Rates with Google’s Countdown Widget

Google has been making a lot of changes over the past few months, and if you read my post about avoiding dynamic disaster, then you know that I don’t agree with all of them. With that said, one of their latest updates has a lot of potential for increasing both click-through rates (CTRs) and ad relevance.

The second addition to Google’s Ad Customizers rollout was something called the Countdown Widget. Located under the Ads tab when creating new text ads, the countdown widget lets you dynamically enter the number of days remaining to any days of importance. This will save a lot of advertisers time, effort and stress.

You will notice in the example below that setup is easy – a small additional step to creating a regular text ad. To access the countdown widget, you have type “{=” where you want to insert the countdown, and the widget will appear. Once in the widget, you can setup all of your options for the countdown, then apply.

Google AdWords Countdown Widget

I specialize in the education vertical, and this will be particularly helpful when it comes to counting down to semester start dates and/or enrollment deadlines. In the past, if you wanted to do “countdown” ad copy for colleges and universities, you would have to manually change the ad copy in editor every day (including weekends), and run the risk of a few ads slipping through the cracks, making the copy irrelevant.  With this new update the process in paid search for education is much easier, and I look forward to following up with the positive impact it’s having on our clients.

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Noah graduated with a marketing degree from Bowling Green State University in 2009. Currently serving as a Digital Strategist on Fathom’s EDU team, he specializes in the education industry. With clients ranging from small, local schools to national higher education providers he has gained invaluable knowledge to help clients increase leads and enrollments.With a sometimes unhealthy love for Excel, Tableau and data, Noah is constantly striving to come up with creative solutions to exceed his clients' goals. When he is not busy exploring the world of Digital Marketing Noah enjoys spending time with his wife, playing basketball, the occasional poker game, or his newest hobby of cycling.

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