Google’s New ValueTrack Parameter

Last month Google Announced a new parameter for its AdWords URL-tagging feature. This new feature allows you to see what position on a page your ad appeared in. For those unaware of what ValueTrack is, you can find more information within Google AdWords Help.

The new parameter value is {ad position}. Within your Search campaigns, append destination URLs to include ?adpos={adposition}.  When a visitor clicks on one of your ads, the position of the ad will be input into the URL. Aggregated position data is available within the interface, but how useful might it be to tie a click directly to the position the ad was in? This new parameter will only work within Search Network campaigns. If you try it within a Display Network campaign, your log files will contain URLs with the word “none”.

This might just be the tip of the iceberg for future parameters.  It would be nice to see {cpc} or {location} parameters unveiled in the future. We’ll keep you posted if this becomes a reality.

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