Google’s Game-Changing Display Network Tab

Google finally released to the public today its next generation of display network tactics. Soon to be available in all Google Adwords accounts is the Display Network Tab, which will now house your networks, audiences, topics, interests & remarketing information. Most of these changes aren’t revolutionary; it’s basically a new, easier way to keep track of all your display efforts. Here is a screenshot from the Google Adwords blog highlighting the new set-up:

There is, however, one HUGE change that I am extremely excited about. With this new feature we can finally track data in the display network down to the keyword using next-gen keyword contextual targeting. If you’re familiar with the search side of the business, we mainly optimize campaigns based on keyword-level data. This will be the first time EVER that we can now do this for the display network.

Why do I think this is game-changing, you ask? Traditionally, we here at Fathom don’t see as good a return in the display network as we do in search. Don’t get me wrong: I fully believe everyone should be in the display network in some capacity, especially if they are doing well in search and want to grow their account.  It’s just been harder to completely optimize a display campaign when we’ve only seen data down to the ad group level. The tightly themed ad groups we made didn’t necessarily provide us with accurate data. What if we paused off an ad group that had one awesome keyword in it, but other keywords were bogging down the numbers?

This new solution will most likely bring better results to those who have been running in the display network. Another great insight is that your account history is already in there. I can go back over the last year (if my display campaigns were up and running) and see all the keyword data now. It’s definitely time to scrub your display campaigns if you haven’t in awhile, and even if you have! For those of you who might have thrown in the towel for Google display, I would suggest that it may be time to pick it back up again and be a leader in this new game.

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