Google's April 22 AdWords Announcement

Today, amidst great anticipation, Google hosted a live stream announcing upcoming products, enhanced reporting and new insightful tools for AdWords users. In case you missed today’s Google AdWords Announcement, here’s a quick rundown of what was introduced:

Innovative Ads

App keyword suggestions – based on unique data from Google Play to help drive more downloads

In-App install ads – for Google Display Network, if you have a calorie counting app they’ll show your app to users who already have fitness related apps installed

TrueView companion for apps – ads that encourage the download of apps when your video ad shows

App deep linking – can go directly to specific pages within an app, such as the next episode for your favorite show you’ve been watching on Hulu+

Insightful Reporting

Estimated total conversion offline – Allows you to report on estimated in-store conversions driven by online.

Intelligent Tools

Bulk Actions – bulk editing and changes available directly in the AdWords interface. Allows for ad location and ad rotation available as an option to add to multiple campaigns at once. Also, allows for automated bidding to set specific account goals; can let Google set up your budget and bids for you.

Max Conversions – automatic bidding solution that allows you to maximize the number of users to your site

Max Value – automatic bidding solution that allows you to optimize for sales

Enhanced Reporting

Google brings an Excel Pivot-table like multi-dimensional tool to decrease time spent collecting data. Based on live data, you can drag and drop fields to create custom reports. It also allows for data visualization straight in the engine. Here are two examples of what the interface and charts will look like:

Drafts and Experiments

Turns your campaign into a ‘draft’ mode, essentially making it like a shopping cart for your changes. Once it is reviewed, you can apply all your changes directly to the live campaigns. You can also run this as an experiment, dividing part of your traffic to this test and then giving you real-world results.

In conclusion, it wasn’t the life-changing event that last year’s Enhanced Campaigns announcement brought (thankfully!). It appears Google is trying to shove out third-party platforms that allow for greater automated bidding options and scheduling as well as advanced data visualizations. I’m a tad skeptical of the real value in estimated offline conversions and how some of the other new tools will perform, but overall it’s not a bad day for an AdWords advertiser!

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