Take Your Pick: AdWords Announces Enhanced Sitelinks!

Are you a fan of sitelinks in your paid search listings?  I think most PPC’ers would agree it’s hard to come up with a reason not to incorporate them.  Studies have repeatedly shown that having sitelinks leads to significant improvement in click-thru rates. So now that Google has announced the introduction of enhanced sitelinks, we can’t help but hope for an even greater impact.

What exactly are enhanced sitelinks?  With traditional sitelinks, you see just one ad with 4 links below.  This is great in itself simply because it gives the user a choice, and who doesn’t like choices? What good would a vending machine do if you pressed a button and crossed your fingers? Well, with enhanced sitelinks, each of these links has its very own full-blown ad. So not only do you get to choose your favorite bag of chips (I’m a salt-and-vinegar fan myself), but you get to read the nutritional info first (this is the part where I realize I need to get to the gym).  My point is you know exactly what you’re getting.

How do you qualify?
Well, as often is the case, it’s all up to Google.  These enhanced sitelinks will display automatically based on a few criteria:

1. You must have sitelinks already enabled in your account.  If you’re not sure how to do this, you can set them up with a few simple instructions.

2. Your ad will need to show above organic listings (enhanced sitelinks are only for the cream-of- the-crop, crème-de-la crème ads).

3. Your sitelinks need to relate well to ads within your account.  We sometimes expect Google to read our minds, but if we help them out a little, there’s a much greater chance that these spiffy new sitelinks will show.

So give those sitelinks a makeover! It’s time for them to shine.  If you aren’t currently taking advantage, it’s time to get in the game.  After all, you don’t want your ads compared to the “beef sticks” that have been stuck on E4 for the past 2 years… Yeesh!

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