Google Adwords Sitelink Tips

Google Adwords Sitelink Tips

Are you utilizing Google Adwords Sitelinks within your paid ads? If so, are you tracking individual Sitelink performance?

Google allows up to 10 Sitelinks per campaign that will rotate in up to 4 so long as you have a strong click-through rate and high quality score. One metric Google does not provide in Adwords is the number of conversions associated per Sitelink.

It’s important to understand Sitelink performance since this is a great way to test promotional offers and understand what consumers are interested in.

Here is a helpful tip to track performance: Include an identifying append on destination URLs of your Sitelinks. With these appends in place, you can look in Google Analytics top content reports as well as the Adwords section of traffic sources to analyze goal completion (the goal must be set up based on an action you want to occur, e.g. a lead or revenue driven by each sitelink).

Example Appends:

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