Google AdWords Keyword Diagnosis Feature: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ever wonder if your keywords in your PPC accounts are actually triggering your ads? What about whether or not a negative keyword was added and is actually excluding your keyword from triggering an ad? (Guilty.)

Well, AdWords has a nifty way of telling you – it’s called Keyword Diagnosis.

When you log in to your account, navigate over to the Keywords tab, and then click on the “More Actions” menu. From there, you’ll see the “Diagnose Keywords” feature.

Once you click on that, a menu system comes up and allows you to change the domain ( vs. for example), language, location, and device (Desktop vs Mobile) that you would like to run the test for.

Just hit “Run test” and Google will let you know in the “Status” column whether or not there are any issues that need to be resolved to fix the problem.

Running this test today on a rather large account showed me that a few pretty relevant terms with high quality scores were not being shown because a negative keyword was excluding them. A quick deletion of that negative keyword fixed the problem. Success!

Here is a list of some of the possible Status messages you would see:

  • “Ad showing now” – no issues and your ad is being displayed.
  • “Not scheduled to run” – you have ad scheduling and you are running your test outside that time frame. Check your ad scheduling settings under the campaign settings tab.
  • “Low search volume” – your keyword doesn’t get searched very often.
  • “Low bid or quality score” – just what it says – your bid is too low or your quality score is bad – consider increasing your bid or improving your quality score.
  • “Rarely shown due to poor quality score” – your keyword quality score is not relevant enough to your ads and landing page, so you will need to optimize your account in order for this keyword to trigger an ad.
  • “Restricted by targeting” – your ads are being displayed outside of the geographic location you set before you hit “Run test”. Consider changing your locations preferences under the campaign settings tab.
  • “Budget limited or exhausted” – you have depleted your budget in that campaign for the day.
  • “Campaign Paused” – the campaign is currently paused.
  • “Paused” – the keyword is currently paused.
  • “Not showing (other)” – this could be a number of things. Maybe your ads are only being shown on the display network for that particular keyword, or in my case, Google told me that there may be other ads within my account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords.

Whatever the issue may be, you can count on the Fathom Online Marketing’s Paid Search Department to always be on top of your account performance.

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