Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you haven’t heard, Google just made a major announcement about what they are calling “Enhanced Campaigns” on Wednesday, February 6th. Before writing a blog on this topic, I was really interested to read others’ opinions from the industry. If you’ve kept up with the reaction, you probably noticed that most of it appears negative.

Here’s a quick look at different variations of “Google Enhanced” and “AdWords Enhanced” search volume using Google Trends. Since the announcement, the interest and search volume around these terms have grown significantly (unfortunately, we can’t see data for “Google Enhanced Campaigns” or “AdWords Enhanced Campaigns,” but I still think this gives us an idea about the “chatter” surrounding this subject).

The Good: Positives of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign

1. More Control Over Sitelinks:

  • Sitelinks are now at the ‘ad group’ level, not the ‘campaign’ level: This is something I’ve wanted for the past two years. This means—more relevant sitelinks for each of advertisers ads.
  • Better reporting of sitelinks: Currently, AdWords only breaksdown sitelink performance by “headline” and “sitelink.”When you typically have 4-6 sitelinks, it’s hard to tell which (if any) is performing better than others. You can tag the destination URL and look at analytics to see goals from a particular sitelink, but this doesn’t show you clicks, click-through rate, cost per conversion, etc. All of this data will be available at the individual sitelink level.
  • Sitelink control: Similar to the bidding options, you can choose which sitelinks to show depending on the time of day, the device, and the location.

2. Calls to Be Counted as “Conversions:” Google will allow advertisers to count calls generated from campaigns over a certain duration as a conversion. This is extremely important for advertisers who receive a lot of calls and who are currently overlooking the value of phone calls.

The Bad (depending on who you ask): Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Are More Sophisticated.

Google is Making PPCer’s Lives More Complicated: The bidding options are now more complex than ever; some would argue it’s for the better. You will now be able to bid higher or lower depending on:

  • The device a user is on (i.e. mobile vs. computer)
  • The distance the user is from your location (crucial for local: restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.)
  • The time of day (already a feature in ad scheduling/day parting)

The Ugly: Negatives of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

  1. Google is Forcing PPCer’s to Target All Devices at Once … which means we’ll no longer be able to have a computer/laptop campaign and a mobile campaign separately. This can hurt results if mobile converts much worse and eats up more of your budget. It’s more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly site. You can bid higher or lower for a mobile device, but you can’t exclude them.

  1. Google is No Longer Allowing PPCer’s to Target Separate Operating Systems: We will not be able to exclusively target Android or iOS platforms. This will harm advertisers who see a much better conversion rate from one operating system over the other.

Bottom Line: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are on their way and are even already here for many of us. Try to be optimistic and set expectations with your company or for your clients.

See if the Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign update is available for your account today!

Please let us know your thoughts on Google Enhanced Campaigns!

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