Google Ad Rotation Settings – Update

Google has always provided us PPC’ers with great flexibility when it comes to ad rotation settings.  Prior to May 11th you had 3 options to choose from.

  1. Rotate evenly (for as long as you want)Google logo
  2. Optimize for clicks
  3. Optimize for conversions

So that’s all fine and dandy. However, on the aforementioned May 11th Google decided to make a significant change, not for the better in my opinion. Any campaign opted into the “rotate” setting would ONLY rotate for a period of 30 days and would then be opted in to the “optimized for clicks” setting. If the advertiser makes a change to one ad in the ad group, the system will reset the rotation for 30 days (just for that ad group in which the change was made).

This created a huge problem for ad groups with limited traffic, where 30 days is not enough time to run a statistically significant test. You could make a change to one of the ads to reset the testing period as mentioned above, but then that would invalidate your own test.

Fear not online advertisers, Google has heard the outcry and decided to appease the nation. Google has since released this blog post which should solve your problems. Here are the updates just instituted this past Monday on June 11th:

  • Google has moved to a 90 day rotation period (before the optimizing for clicks feature kicks in)
  • Google has provided an “Opt Out” form to the new rotation behavior
  • This will allow ads to rotate just as they did before (for an indefinite period)

Thank you Google for listening to the feedback and taking actionable steps to satisfy all advertisers out there (myself included).

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Ben Goldman is a Senior Online Advertising Specialist for Fathom's Healthcare Team. He specializes in paid search and display. Ben oversees the day-to-day management of his accounts, proactively coming up with new strategies. Ben is passionate about exceeding client goals. He really cares about his clients and will do whatever it takes to solve their problems. In his spare time, Ben enjoys spending time with family and playing sports.

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