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The sports industry is one of the most competitive industries out there, both for the players and for the front office. For the business side of the sports franchise, achieving sales goals is a constant battle. An organization may see many obstacles throughout a season (a team losing streak, injuries to a star player, competition with other entertainment options, etc.).  However, none of those misfortunes means your bottom line should suffer, too. By adopting a cost-efficient and measurable form of marketing like pay-per-click advertising, your organization can keep its sales goals on track.

Sports fans make up 19% of the total online audience. That means nearly 1 in every 5 people using the Internet is a sports fan. These fans are using search engines, going shopping, and reading sports news … sharing it all on social media. Running PPC advertisements is a valuable way to target them while they’re online.

Why PPC?

  • Targeting of specific geographic areas, cities, and regions.
  • Flexibility: a PPC budget can be changed at any time. Increase/scale back according to your needs.
  • Campaigns can correspond to different phases of the buying cycle.
  • Paying only for actual ad clicks from a potential customer.
  • Better leads from better-qualified consumers.
  • Data collection on user interactions.
  • Potential to reduce costs and increase returns over time.

Outsourcing vs. in-house
PPC may be complex and intimidating to the inexperienced, but that’s where professional agencies can help. Looking at 10 of Fathom’s new clients last year, within the first 90 days they saw a combined average of:

  • 189% increase in conversions (compared to previous paid-search baselines)
  • 137% increase in revenue (compared to previous paid-search baselines)
  • 123% increase in ROI (compared to previous paid-search baselines)

And the potential only grows. With our new digital messaging and analytics tool, Fathom Actify, we can gain unparalleled insight into data to produce better leads, higher conversions, and more informed business decisions.

If your sports organization isn’t running a professional PPC campaign, it’s missing out on revenue, plain and simple.


To see the first installment in this 2-part series on sports marketing and PPC, read “Great Leads + Strong Sales Team = Breaking Ticket Sales Goals.”


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