Fathom – Winner in the Google Engage All-Stars Competition 2012

Earlier this year, our resident Google Analytics expert, Beth Strukelj, entered our PPC team into the 2012 Google Engage All-Stars Competition. The Google Engage program helps online advertisers master the Google AdWords platform, as well as other Google products, by providing free online training material. At the same time Google uses this as a way to help Internet Marketing Agencies grow their business by offering $100 in AdWords vouchers to new clients.

Google Engage All Star Competition

Launched in March, this was the first ever Google Engage All-Stars competition. Only a select few marketing agencies were invited to this prestigious competition, and we were lucky enough to be one of them. Fathom was announced by phone as one of the winners and became eligible for prizes. The competition was held from March through June of 2012, with marketing agencies competing to help businesses grow through Google Advertising. Fathom had to achieve specific benchmarks across clients’ accounts to win, including bringing in over $20,000 in new AdWords revenue over the competition.

Please join me and congratulating the PPC team for all their hard work!!!

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