Evaluating Display for Brand Marketing

Google rolled out “Brand Activate” today at Ad Age’s Digital Conference. Current standardized metrics such as clicks, user interaction and conversions only depict a piece of the pie for brand advertisers. Google’s new initiative addresses the challenge of measuring brand favorability. Google is attempting to chip away at the billions of dollars spent on television advertising and increase revenue by offering Brand Activate.

Here are the first two Brand Activate solutions, which will be available to users in coming weeks:

1.)    Active View:  Measures whether an ad was at least 50% viewable on the screen for at least 1 second. This tool will be available on the Google Display Network Reserve first and eventually DoubleClick. Google says advertisers will then be able to pay only for viewed impressions.

2.)    Active GRP (Gross Profit Rating): Builds upon the standard measure used in television buying. GRP captures reach multiplied by frequency, and is expressed as a percentage. This tool will be built into Google’s ad-serving tools, allowing users to make campaign adjustments while ads are in progress.

Coming soon to Brand Activate:

  • Brand Impact Survey Pilot
  • Brand Lift Measurement Product
  • Other Cross-Media measurement capabilities

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