E-commerce PPC Checklist

When we here at Fathom take on new Adwords e-commerce accounts, we often find missed opportunities. Today I want to share a few of them, taking a step towards improving e-commerce campaigns across the world (Let’s call it an E-commerce Spring Checklist):

1.) Product extensions incorporate your Google Merchant Center account to highlight products directly in ads. Your product offerings may be shown in a ‘plusbox’ ad which contains a product that is relevant to the searcher’s query; product extensions may show images, titles, and prices of your closest matching products. This feature can improve CTR and CR by 15-85%!

2.) Bidding on SKUs/Model numbers — Users search for specific products by SKU or model number. If you’re not bidding on these as keywords, perhaps your competitors are intercepting revenue from you. Put the theory to test: do you see a lot of SKUs/Model numbers as keywords within your organic list in Google Analytics? If so, start bidding on these numbers, which can be extremely cost-effective for a great ROI.

3.) Remarketing is a great way to stay in front of consumers who are shopping around. You can show users enticing messages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network to prompt them to come back and visit your site again. For example, if they left a specific page containing blue shoes, showing an image ad containing the very same blue shoes with a Free Shipping offer will likely catch their attention and lure them back to a converted sale.

4.) Promotions If you are offering promo codes such as ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ or ‘5% Off Entire Order’ on the site, why are they not included in PPC ads? With the competitive world we live in today, mentioning promo codes in your ads is a great way to get users to click through to your site and choose you over the competition.

5.) Relevant Landing Page — Make sure you have the fewest amount of steps between consumers and the ultimate goal of hitting a ‘thank you’ page, signifying a sale. To do so, Fathom recommends sending consumers to product-specific pages based on the keyword they entered the site on. For example, a search for ‘blue running shoes’ should land on the product page for blue running shoes, not blue boots, blue high heels, and blue flip-flops (although I wish it was flip-flop season already).


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  • Patricia Thibault says:

    Great PPC pointers, Courtney! I’m still surprised to see so many non-relevant landing pages when I search. I ask myself, “doesn’t this merchant want my business? Why are they making ME take these additional steps to conduct business with them?!” That’s when I bail and go to a (likely) competitor.

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