Changes In Online Advertising Aren't Coming, They're Here

Did you know that you can track return on ad spend for Facebook’s ads? Do you have a plan for navigating the Yahoo! and Bing search platform mergers? Do you know how to target ads to iPad users? The online advertising world has been turned on its head the last few weeks. Join us today at 2 pm EST for a free webinar on the latest changes and learn how you can take advantage of these changes to run your most effecting pay-per-click campaigns yet.

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About Bill.Balderaz

Bill Balderaz, Founder of Webbed Marketing, grew the company from a one-man consultancy to one of the largest and fastest growing independent interactive marketing agencies in the Midwest. In 2011, Webbed Marketing was acquired by Fathom. The combined organization is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most recognized online marketing firms in the country. Bill currently serves as a member of the Fathom senior leadership team and President of Fathom Healthcare.He began working in the search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and social media world in 1998, prior to the launch of Google. He has spoken on Internet marketing topics at more than 150 conferences and events, including those sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America, the American Marketing Association and Search Engine Strategies.Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Bowling Green State University, an MBA from Franklin University and is an ordained minister. He serves on the board of two nonprofit organizations, Chapel Hill House and Lifting Hopes, both of which focus on helping children and families battling cancer.

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