Avoiding Dynamic Disaster: Google Launches Dynamic Sitelinks

While I usually welcome Google’s AdWords updates with open arms, its most recent change had me a little worried.  For highly regulated industries like education, finance and insurance, compliance is one of the biggest hurdles we have to face in online marketing. Ads, keywords and copy often must go through an extensive approval process, so having Google dynamically insert something into your ads could get you into a lot of trouble if you’re in education or a similarly monitored industry.

Google defines its new automated sitelinks as:

Automatically generated sitelinks that appear below your ad text, connecting potential customers to relevant pages on your website more easily.


Google also states that the sitelinks you put in your account will still show up most of the time, and that the dynamic links will only show when it thinks they are most relevant.  Another bright spot is that clicks on dynamic sitelinks are free so if compliance is not a factor in your business, you can look forward to a few free clicks. However, if you’re worried about what could show up in your ads and want to opt out of dynamic sitelinks, Google will allow you to do that.

While this update does worry me for compliance reasons, it is good to see that Google is still trying to make searches as relevant as possible for users. I believe that these sitelinks will benefit a lot of advertisers, and I look forward to future updates increasing ad relevance.

What do you think about the update? Have any questions about your online marketing techniques? Share in the comments below!

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