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I know it seems like it will never come, but trust me: Spring is around the corner. January flew by – pretty soon, I won’t be able to go sledding with my girls (which is probably a good thing for my physical health). With the end of January, and our best month ever conducting assisted living marketing, I figured this would be a good time to list out all the ideas we have for advertising senior housing for our clients in the second quarter of 2014. Over the past two years, Fathom has really developed an expertise in senior living marketing, culminating in our recent guide “From Lead to Move-In: Digital Marketing for the Assisted Living Industry.”

First, let’s start with our success in providing quality leads to our clients for a very reasonable media spend. As you’ll see in the example, for one client we spent $71,258 across all our branded and non-branded campaigns in January (a branded campaign in this space is critical, as every competitor bids on every other competitor’s brand name!). Between the 646 online conversions and 520 phone calls, the cost-per-lead was a dirt-cheap $61.11.

Most senior living providers pay lead-gen sites $150 or more for a quality lead. Fathom delivers for roughly one-third of that price.

Most senior living providers pay lead-gen sites $150 or more for a quality lead. Fathom delivers for roughly one-third of that price.

Other experiments are also working out well, through local directory submissions, using second-tier advertising sites like, and Facebook remarketing. Here’s where we’re going in Q2:

1. Deep Dive on Demographics – How well do you know your audience? If you haven’t started leveraging the Google Analytics Demographics capability, what are you waiting for? Here are some actual screen shots that should whet your appetite for this exciting new feature; using Demographics has completely reshaped how we view the client’s target audience and the strategies for reaching them.

How well do you know YOUR assisted living company's leads? Are you taking action on data like this?

How well do you know YOUR assisted living company’s leads? Are you taking action on data like this?

2. Let’s get creative – Where Fathom really excels is when clients give us an experimental budget, as this client does. Given our specific target audience – mostly women, ages 45-75 – we think we can reach this audience through several channels. First, we’d like to try out Pandora, as their targeting options are perfect for our demographic. YouTube advertising offers a great way to get your brand out there in front of relevant searches by caregivers. Gmail Sponsored Promotions, though a little bit creepy, is also an exciting way to target caregivers by the content of their email in-boxes.

3. Leverage reviews – We all know that review sites like Yelp and Google+ local pages are exploding, so we need to stay ahead of the curve and actively solicit positive reviews from our residents and families. There are services that will help with this process, so we are going to try a small pilot that will both test the tenor of the reviews we receive, and also integrate those reviews into the Google search results pages. Our hypothesis is that communities with 4 stars or more will start attracting more clicks and conversions; so stay tuned for how that works out.

Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft’s Bing all make billions of dollars on advertising. As a result, new products are constantly coming out that can help the assisted living industry drive quality leads to their sites. An agency like Fathom constantly stays on top of the latest trends and leverages them for the benefit of our clients.


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