AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Where Google Fell Short

Okay, I promise this is my LAST blog post discussing Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns for at least the next month! As I was upgrading a client’s account from ‘Legacy’ to ‘Enhanced,’ I noticed a couple of things that Google SHOULD implement ASAP which would definitely change PPCer’s negative opinions toward Enhanced Campaigns.

1. Bid Adjustments by Search Partners – How fantastic would this be…to be able to bid higher or lower for Google Search Partners, or perhaps exclude them altogether with a -100% bid? Genius, right? This is one feature that Bing Ads does better than Google, as it allows you to completely exclude its ‘syndicated partners’ or even target them separately in different campaigns to help gauge performance and allocate budget to maximize ROI and revenue.

(*these options above don’t currently exist)

2. Bid Adjustments by Tablets & Computers – Why even make it appear that you can make bid adjustments (like you can for mobile), and why even separate out performance from computers and tablets if you can’t target them separately? It seems like this would be an easy change to let us have more control over computer and tablet targeting.

3. Bid Adjustments by Operating System – With the new enhanced campaign setup, this might be more difficult for Google to implement, but it would definitely be something that many advertisers would enjoy!

(*the options above don’t currently exist)

Ultimately, I’m hoping that Google will listen to its customers and continue improving Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns over time.

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