Advertising on Social Media? Be Prepared for Mobile Traffic!

Advertising via social media channels can get you in front of a much broader audience. By throwing some money behind your posts (especially true in Facebook, where the organic reach of posts is rapidly declining) you can get more eyes on whatever message you have to share. One important thing to keep in mind is that if you are trying to drive folks back to your website with these promoted posts, make sure your mobile experience doesn’t suck.

Mobile has been all the rage on the search side of things. It seems like Google has been touting “this is the year of mobile” every year for the past four years. It is true, mobile search is increasing as the population becomes more and more reliant on their mobile devices. Another area where mobile dominates in usage is on social media.  Makes perfect sense, right? We see it in our own timelines and newsfeeds. Updates from the gym and the latest dish from the hottest restaurant are all posted via mobile devices.

You want people to have a very similar experience regardless of the device they choose to interact with. So it’s important to have the same content available on both desktop and mobile. If they can schedule an appointment on their desktop, they should have the same capabilities on their mobile device.  If your experiences are not the same, consider waiting on spending money until they are or leave mobile devices out of your targeting. But know that if you do, you are going to miss most of your targeted audience.

Real Life Data

I recently ran some paid social campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, and here is how their traffic broke down:

Facebook had 87% of impressions and 98% of clicks from mobile devices. Twitter had even heavier mobile activity with 96% of impressions and 99% of clicks. That means 90% of my audience saw my posts on mobile devices.

Mobile Impressions

Obviously, your audience might be different, but it’s a good example of how important mobile is to advertising on social media.  I hope this post gets you thinking about the ways you interact with the people you are trying to reach. And more importantly, I hope it gets you thinking about how the people you are trying to reach interact with you.

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