6 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Product Listing Ads

Comparison-shopping engines (CSEs) have always been part of strategies to drive revenue and promote products for e-commerce companies. However, recent changes in how Google handles its comparison shopping listings have changed how marketers need to look at CSEs.  Google’s Product Listing Ads, introduced as a paid service last year, allows companies to strategically market their products in a more prominent position on the results pages.

Are you getting the most from your Product Listings Ads (PLAs)?  Here are a few simple steps to make sure your campaigns are optimized to increase performance:

  • Monitor pricing – Are your products priced competitively?  Why would someone buy from you when the same product is displayed for a much lower cost?
  • Use “promotion” text – Take advantage of the ‘promotion’ text, especially if you run regular specials. This space offers up to 45 characters to differentiate your products from competitors with deals/promos/special offers.
  • Catch-all ad group – Create an ad group with a target of ‘all products.’ Keep this bid lower than your granularly targeted ad groups and consider this your “catch-all.”
  • Implement proper exclusions – Remember you can exclude search queries that aren’t relevant. Why waste budget on irrelevant clicks? You filter out negatives in search campaigns, why not in PLAs?
  • High-quality images – This may go without saying, but nothing is worse than looking at a poor- quality image when trying to buy a product!

And finally…

  •  Complement with text ads – As Google displays more products listing on the standard results pages, it is increasingly important to complement your PLAs with text ads and organic listings … in order to ensure page-1 domination!


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