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From Student to Digital Diva: A Successful Summer Internship

By | September 2, 2014

The day I started my college career, a professor told the group of 300 students in my introductory class that we needed to get an internship. He made it very clear that students who took the initiative and found an internship, had a better academic experience than those who did not. They were more marketable and better candidates for post-graduation jobs.

The internship is a planned, calculated and intensive experience that students should, and often are required, to complete.… Read the rest


Laws of Marketing Power: Be Royal in Your Own Fashion

By | September 2, 2014

“For a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others.”

–Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

King Cardinal

First, I should state that the full Law 34 from Greene reads Be royal in your own fashion: Act like a king to be treated like one. (I shortened it in the title for the sake of clarity.)

I find this law extremely inspiring because it conveys a message of self-confidence and belief in one’s abilities.… Read the rest


Security Breaches in Healthcare: How To Protect Patient Data

By | August 28, 2014

Just days ago one of the country’s largest healthcare systems announced it had become the victim of a cyber attack from China. Personal data, including social security numbers, from millions of patients was accessed as part of the attack.

The so-called “APT 18” hacking group is suspecting of being behind the attacks. The group, which may have links to the Chinese government, has historically targeted aerospace and defense-related companies.

This attack should serve as a warning to other hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes.… Read the rest


No Time for Blogging? Think Again!

By | August 26, 2014

Even as a content writer, I’ve always been a little on the fence about blogging. My hesitation with it is the same hesitation many of my clients have: Do I have the time and resources to continue to feed a blog? Guess what? You do! But it’s going to take some thought and planning before you even head down that path.

Why Blog Now?

Start by asking yourself “why should I blog now?” Some reasons you might consider:

  • It’ll help other marketing efforts.
Read the rest

Laws of Marketing Power: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

By | August 25, 2014

“There is only power and good fortune to be obtained by associating with the fortunate.”

–Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

Marketers know that happiness is powerful. By creating feelings of good fortune and happiness, your brand attracts people to believe in the ideals it represents. Just as powerful, however, is its opposite, which should be avoided at all costs. Hence Law 10 from Greene—Infection: Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.

As I wrote about last week, playing into people’s fantasies is a key to marketing power.… Read the rest

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