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Are Sales Pros Being Replaced by Content?

By | May 14, 2015

Yes, you’ve heard it all. Content is king, and 70 percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before the buyer even talks to a sales rep. In fact, the theme of Marketo’s 2015 Summit promoted a “Marketing First World.”

You’re left wondering, are the days of the Enterprise Sales Professional numbered? Is it just a matter of time until you are replaced by a technology-enabled Content Marketing team focused on delivering pragmatic educational content in the right place at the right time?… Read the rest


Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 5.14.15

By | May 14, 2015

Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. What’s next for Google and mobile? Can you possibly replace “not provided” keyword data? And what’s been going on within the SERPs? Find out in this week’s Pulse!… Read the rest


Google AdWords Releases “Advanced Reporting” in Select Accounts

By | May 14, 2015

Well, Google has hinted at updated and better reporting within their AdWords UI in past livestreams, and it looks like some advertisers are lucky enough to get early access! I was just looking at some various accounts today and noticed a “reports” tab in the top navigation in one of the accounts.

If you’ve been running Google AdWords campaigns for several years, you’ll recall that there used to be a “Report” tab that they removed and then had users use the “Dimensions” tab or the actual campaign, ad group, and keyword tabs to create reports.… Read the rest


Secrets of Agile Content

By | May 12, 2015

First, an admission of guilt: In the business world, few terms are currently more overused than agile. And yes, the word is in my headline. So, why does the world need another tired blog post using this beloved Silicon Valley jargon? Because agile content simply crushes it every day.

In all seriousness, we can learn something from pioneering content methods, as Marcia Riefer Johnston of Content Marketing Institute illustrated in her recent article on agile content development, talking with leaders at companies like Facebook, Google and PayPal.… Read the rest


8 Tips to Boost Health Insurance Enrollments with Online Advertising

By | May 8, 2015

Health insurance advertising is one of the most competitive and therefore expensive industries in paid search advertising. Now with open enrollment only two to three months out of the year, health insurance competition is even more severe.

Adgooroo, a PPC competitive spy company, performed a study on the health insurance industry between January through June 2014. They found over 28,000 advertisers spending $103 million on just desktop and tablet devices. Keep in mind that this study did not provide information as it relates to mobile investment.… Read the rest

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