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Key Themes in the #HospitalWeek Twitter Chat: Social Media, Telemedicine and Reducing Readmissions

By | May 15, 2014

Yesterday, the American Hospital Association hosted a Twitter chat to talk about quality care. Close to 600 people tweeted using the hashtag #HospitalWeek leading up to and during the chat, although numerous Twitter handles used that opportunity to tweet their own messages not related to the chat.

When all was said and done, there were about 350 tweets in the Twitter chat by about 60 participants, which resulted in an estimated 1.9 million impressions … a nice turnout for a Twitter chat.… Read the rest


Top 5 Lessons of an Online Advertiser Turned Healthcare Marketer

By | May 14, 2014

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Since January 2014, I’ve been working nearly exclusively with healthcare clients, trying to take their marketing to the next level from an online advertising perspective. Working in the healthcare field is significantly different than other industries.

I currently work primarily with regional health systems/hospitals, senior living and assisted living facilities, and drug/addiction rehab facilities. Each specific segment has a few distinctions; however, I’ve seen the following trends in all three.… Read the rest


Infographic: Online Advertising Trends for Education

By | May 13, 2014

This year Fathom Education released its first EDU Standard Marketing Report, summarizing all the latest important trends for higher ed in 2014. Today, we are introducing an infographic highlighting the big picture of education advertising—and everything you might have missed from the report!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this infographic is certainly worth (at least) a $1,000 in ROI potential. No worries … I won’t be offended if you skip over my summary and go straight to the visually stimulating data.… Read the rest


Minimizing Channel Conflict for Consumer Brand Manufacturers

By | May 13, 2014

These days more and more consumer brand manufacturers are making the move to sell direct-to-consumer through their eCommerce channel. Clear benefits such as increasing brand equity, higher profit margins, and more control over the purchase experience make this strategy very appealing for many consumer brands.  However, many of these brands run into challenges when their “most important customers” are competing in the same space.

These most important customers are the brands retail distribution partners.  Many consumer brands have relied on their retail partners to sell their products to the masses, whether its traditional “big box” chains, such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Home Depot, who have an online and offline presence, or web-only retail partners who sell directly to the consumers through various web properties. … Read the rest


Marketing Automation and the Power of Listening

By | May 12, 2014

Mike Schultz and John Doerr recently published an entire book devoted to what B2B buyers say: Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently. This work was the result of surveying 700+ B2B buyers responsible for $3.1 billion in annual purchases, so I’d call it authoritative. A week ago, Schultz explained in MarketingProfs what 7 factors distinguished the winners from losers. They are (emphasis added):

  1. Educated me with new ideas or perspectives
  2. Collaborated with me
  3. Persuaded me we would achieve results
  4. Listened to me
  5. Understood my needs
  6. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls
  7. Crafted a compelling solution

One of the most powerful arguments Schultz makes in his article is how marketing can support #1—the education of buyers—with exceptionally valuable content (yes, you can say content marketing).… Read the rest

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