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Understanding AdWords Sitelink Extensions

By | April 11, 2014

Sitelink extensions are the easiest and most common type of extension to include in your ads.  Not only do these extensions help take up more real estate on the page to improve your CTR by 10-20%, they also have an impact on your ad rank.  Previously, ad rank was calculated by using your max CPC bid and Quality Score. It now factors in ad extensions and formats.

For this reason alone, you want to make sure you have at least six active sitelinks set up for desktop, but also four active sitelinks for mobile.… Read the rest


What is the True Value of Social Engagement?

By | April 10, 2014

Measuring social impact on a retail client is one of the hardest things to do.  There are a lot of different metrics that you are able to track but creating a direct correlation between those and actual revenue to the business is tough. Many companies today get caught up in the ways to increase engagement and not the value associated with that engagement.

The first thing you need to do with social channels is set up goals.… Read the rest


Selling with IBS … It Isn’t What it Sounds Like

By | April 9, 2014

The life and times of a sales rep, in my experience, can be best described as a roller coaster marathon. The highs are high and the lows are low, but one thing is for sure … it doesn’t stop. Regular traditional and old-school prospecting techniques are pretty much dead, and us hunters must take a more creative approach to connect. When we do get the opportunity to communicate our “message,” which is rare, we must take full advantage of what is usually a 10-second window to pique their interest and capture their attention.… Read the rest


Using Social Data to Improve Student Recruitment Online

By | April 8, 2014

With a shrinking pool of applicants, colleges are forced to get creative in attracting prospective students –a reality that enrollment managers know all too well. While traditional advertising mediums such as outdoor billboards, radio and direct mail are still helpful for reaching parents and even adult students, reaching high school students requires a heavier investment in digital marketing channels. But with all the options, which channels are best and how do you get students’ attention?

Social data can be extremely useful when brainstorming new student recruitment ideas and strategies.… Read the rest


Marketing Authenticity

By | April 7, 2014

We can look at this title 2 ways: What makes for authentic marketing (vs. the disingenuous kind) and what is the process by which you should market authenticity—in other words, how should you present your authentic brand/self?

Let’s take the first question first.

What makes for authentic marketing? Well, honesty, for one. And allowing your organization’s/brand’s personality to shine through your communications. Instead of trying to be all things to all people (which leads to distortion and misrepresentation), you should be exactly who you are … and communicate this in the language of your customers.… Read the rest

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