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Marketing Investment Tips for 2015

By | February 2, 2015

Since I’ve been given to talking about marketing investments recently, sharing a new report from RSW/US seems appropriate. It shows 51% of marketers expecting to ‘somewhat or heavily increase’ their spending on marketing and advertising in 2015. It also shows 62% of agency marketers saying the same of their clients.

Regardless of what this group of 123 senior-level brand marketers and 158 marketing agency execs said, you want to make sure you’re investing smartly regardless of what direction your marketing-advertising budget is going this year. … Read the rest


Count Down to Higher Click-Thru Rates with Google’s Countdown Widget

By | January 29, 2015

Google has been making a lot of changes over the past few months, and if you read my post about avoiding dynamic disaster, then you know that I don’t agree with all of them. With that said, one of their latest updates has a lot of potential for increasing both click-through rates (CTRs) and ad relevance.

The second addition to Google’s Ad Customizers rollout was something called the Countdown Widget. Located under the Ads tab when creating new text ads, the countdown widget lets you dynamically enter the number of days remaining to any days of importance.… Read the rest


Revolutionizing Student Recruitment for Sustainable Growth

By | January 28, 2015

1 in 10 public and private colleges is in acute financial distress.

1 in 5 private colleges has a cash-flow margin below 10%.

(Source: Moody’s, July 2014)

University CMOs (chief marketing officers … yes, not a traditional position in academia) know they need the right amount of prospective students and the right mix of enrollments to sustain growth or avoid financial distress. College presidents know academic outcomes depend on having this consistent (and ample) enrollment mix, along with a strategy to manage student relationships.… Read the rest


Become a Direct-to-Consumer Champion For Your Company in 2015

By | January 28, 2015

This is the year for many consumer brand manufacturers to put more energy into launching or expanding their direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels.

Clear benefits such as increasing brand equity, higher profit margins, and more control over the purchase experience make this strategy very appealing for many consumer brands.  However, many of these brands run into challenges when their “most important customers” are competing in the same space. These most important customers are the brands’ retail distribution partners.… Read the rest


How to Put Your Customer Personas to Good Use: A Step-by-Step Process

By | January 27, 2015

When I create customer personas for my clients here at Fathom, I often get this reaction: “That’s great, but what now? How do I use my customer personas?”

Customer personas are crucial for understanding who you’re creating content for, but is that enough? Do you create personas simply to learn about your audience, then stash them away without another glance? Those personas should serve a higher purpose: they should be one of the key components (along with a content audit/gap analysis) to inform your content strategy.… Read the rest

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