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5 Tips for Creating Compelling Infographics

By | September 4, 2014

Infographics provide a visual way to represent information and a great opportunity to create highly share-able content. They are more eye-catching than a simple block of text, but can also contain key pieces of information about a anything important to your customers, including facts related to your company, product or service. They help to simplify more complex information and present it in a clear format.

When creating an infographic, it is important to consider the the kind of audience you are hoping to reach.… Read the rest


5 Steps to Start A/B Testing in Education Marketing

By | September 3, 2014

A/B testing is a great way to identify how design changes affect the success of your school’s web pages. By conducting randomized experiments between two design variations of a university’s site, we can slowly optimize pages to dramatically improve success over time. To start A/B testing as part of your education marketing plan, follow these steps:

1. Form a hypothesis.

Begin by forming a hypothesis. Examine each element and how it might affect your users’ actions.… Read the rest


Attention B2B Marketers: Go Digital or Go Home

By | September 3, 2014

As a 10 year veteran of Business Development at Fathom, I’ve had conversations with a wide-variety of B2B marketers. It’s been an interesting journey, one which closely aligns with Rogers’ Bell Curve (Innovation Adoption Lifecycle).

Let’s break it down:

2004/10 years ago: Manufacturers who engaged in digital marketing (namely search marketing) were true Innovators. While Google officially launched in 1998, search marketing was new to most manufacturers. The innovators who continued to invest in digital marketing continue to dominate the digital space to this day.… Read the rest


From Student to Digital Diva: A Successful Summer Internship

By | September 2, 2014

The day I started my college career, a professor told the group of 300 students in my introductory class that we needed to get an internship. He made it very clear that students who took the initiative and found an internship, had a better academic experience than those who did not. They were more marketable and better candidates for post-graduation jobs.

The internship is a planned, calculated and intensive experience that students should, and often are required, to complete.… Read the rest


Laws of Marketing Power: Be Royal in Your Own Fashion

By | September 2, 2014

“For a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others.”

–Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

King Cardinal

First, I should state that the full Law 34 from Greene reads Be royal in your own fashion: Act like a king to be treated like one. (I shortened it in the title for the sake of clarity.)

I find this law extremely inspiring because it conveys a message of self-confidence and belief in one’s abilities.… Read the rest

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