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Guide Campaigns in Assisted Living Marketing: A Case Study

By | July 22, 2014

Can a Guide Campaign jump-start your senior living company’s digital marketing efforts? You bet! In this case study from a major national player in the assisted living industry, you’ll see just how powerful a senior living guide can be in attracting new leads, educating potential residents, and stewarding leads into move-ins.

Cut to the Chase: What Were the Results?

Let’s get right down to business – since the Senior Living Guide that my Fathom Healthcare team created for this client went live,  we’ve seen almost 400 leads come in.… Read the rest


Link Earning: The Combination of SEO & PR (A MozCon Takeaway)

By | July 22, 2014

Rand Fishkin of Moz said it best, “Link earning is going to replace link building.” In our interview with Rand late last year, he explained:

“…Social and branding and press and PR and things like content marketing will all replace a lot of the purely link-fueled and link-focused outreach and link acquisition, like link building stuff. I see the world of SEO continuing to be focused and even reliant on links in a lot of ways, but not reliant on the tactics we’ve used to acquire them in the past.”

We’ve all heard it: Create great content, and an audience (and sales) will come.… Read the rest


Tips for Reducing Duplicate Healthcare Content

By | July 22, 2014

Digital marketing and SEO blogs agree: Using duplicate content is a practice that should always be avoided. Duplicate content is one of the easiest, most common mistakes to make when building a website and consequently one of the most frequently penalized mistakes we see. Along with spammy inbound links, duplicate content has been a major focus of the last few search engine algorithm updates. Given the potential negative impact that non-unique content can have, eliminating duplicate content now will ensure that your site is unique, authoritative and protected from impact of future algorithm changes.… Read the rest


The C-Word and Higher-Education Marketing

By | July 22, 2014

Being involved in higher-education marketing provides me with the opportunity to attend great conferences and seminars each year. I try to attend a variety of shows, ranging from technology focused to academic, and a variety of tracks. At each event in in the last two years, it has been increasingly difficult to avoid the “C-word.”

Putting potential vulgarities aside, the C-word I am referring to is “customer” (although in some circles, calling the student body by a four-letter obscenity would garner the same reaction as calling them “customers”).… Read the rest


Laws of Marketing Power: Master the Art of Timing

By | July 21, 2014

“Law 46: Master the art of timing.”

Everyone knows the old expression, “Timing is everything.” Market timing is the art of knowing when to offer a new product/service. It is also knowing when to buy and sell assets like property or stock in a company.

Additionally, timing can play a central role in planning dramatic marketing gestures, as I wrote previously in regards to the 25th law of power (Re-create yourself). By timing communication well with your buyer, you speed along a sale.… Read the rest

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