Create Holiday Emails That'll Knock Your Customers' Socks Off


You’re embracing the holiday shopping season. You’re ready to hit your customers with some really great deals, keep them in the loop about all your specials, and entice them to buy your products. And you’re going to use emails as one of the ways to do it.

How can you ensure your emails have the greatest impact when your customers open them? By providing the information people really want in a digestible, easy-to-access and thoroughly enjoyable way.

I recently read an article on the Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog called Holiday Email: A 12 Point List to Check Twice before You Hit Send This wonderful resource sparked some additional ideas for me and really served as the inspiration for this post.

As you’re crafting your holiday emails, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Create subject lines that pop. Want to get noticed among a sea of other inbox messages? Have a subject line that really catches your readers’ attention. Be sure to use their name and stay away from any generic “happy holidays” lines.
  2. Calls to action are key. All your competitors are sending out promotional emails too (or at least they should be), so you need to make sure yours give clear direction and offer obvious value. In other words, tell your customers what you want them to do, and why they should do it. And don’t forget about prioritization. Having multiple CTAs is fine, but the one that directs your customer to take action on your site should be the most prominent. Nothing says “notice me!” quite like a big ol’ button.
  3. Make it obvious why customers should choose you. There are tons of deals out there, and customers’ inboxes tend to get flooded around the holidays. Make your business stand out by offering a better deal than your competitors. Free shipping is pretty much a must, but think about other benefits you can provide as well. Member discounts, special clubs, rewards programs and money-back guarantees are all good places to start.
  4. Showcase just how popular your products are. Use customer reviews, testimonials, social mentions and ratings to show how much existing customers like your products. These kinds of third-party endorsements are huge for online shoppers.
  5. Images are great, but images with words are better. Showcasing your products is important, but be sure to include brief explanations to accompany the images. Tell people why these products are a great buy, and who on their list will love them.
  6. Highlight holiday shipping policies and create a sense of urgency. Clearly explain your policy for shipping around the holidays. When it comes to giving gifts, people care about arrival times.  Also, having a countdown displayed on every email that corresponds ordering dates with delivery dates is a great tactic to encourage quick buying.
  7. Get your mobile site up and running. Think about how many people you see using Smartphones every day. Lots of them are checking their email, and they’d like to be able to go right from your message to your mobile site to make a purchase. Make sure it works effectively (and loads quickly!) on every type of device. You don’t want to contribute to the kind of customer raged that’s caused by slow mobile devices.
  8. Always plan for last-minute buyers. There are more of them than you might think. And they love gift cards. Send an email right before the holidays targeted directly at these kinds of holiday shoppers.

Holiday emails are a great way to ignite customer interest, increase sales and boost your brand. Take advantage of everything these effective advertisements can do for you this season by following the eight easy tips above.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I recommend downloading Aweber’s Email Marketing Christmas Lookbook. It’s a great resource full of awesome holiday emails that’ll really get your creative juices flowing.

*Image provided by Aweber’s Email Marketing Christmas Lookbook


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